Erik Huberman on How to Build Trust with Customers Online to Aid Conversion

How to build customer trust quickly ? How much consumer trust do you really need for online conversion ?

Erik Huberman answers the above questions as he talks about building consumer & brand trust. Erik also makes a point that any sort of validation helps in aiding conversion, even if it is through a paid sponsorship with am influencer. He cites the example of Air Jordans as a case in point and how it did wonders for Nike.

Erik believes that to build customer trust and aid online conversion, it’s important to borrow trust from others that your audience already trusts. This could be through PR, endorsements from celebrities, or influencer marketing. The amount of trust needed depends on the product being sold. For example, for a fashion product, a piece of press in a fashion magazine or a positive review from an influencer may be enough, but for a medicine claiming to cure cancer, more credibility may be needed.

To build trust, it’s important to provide third-party validation in the form of reviews, testimonials, PR, and endorsements. Today, influencer marketing may not be as effective as it was in 2015 due to FTC regulations, but any form of validation can still help. It’s important to be transparent about endorsements and marketing efforts to avoid damaging trust.

Consumers are becoming more cautious and taking longer to make a decision, so it’s important to provide information about the company and product to help build trust and make the purchasing process easier.

Listen to full conversation between Erik & Jasravee Kaur Chandra where they talk about – The Hawke Method of Creating & Managing a Successful Marketing Campaign with Awareness, Nurturing, Trust

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