Is it Funny OR Offensive ?  Doritos Ultrasound Baby Super Bowl

In 2016, Doritos aired a Super Bowl commercial that quickly became the talk of the town. The commercial was both loved and hated by audiences, with some calling it hilarious and others deeming it offensive. 

The Controversy

One of the main reasons why “Doritos Ultrasound” was so controversial is that it touches on a sensitive topic: childbirth. Some viewers felt that the commercial made light of the serious and often painful experience of giving birth. They argued that the ad was disrespectful to women and trivialized the difficulties of pregnancy and labor.

Moreover, some people criticized the commercial for featuring a man who is oblivious to his partner’s discomfort and focused solely on his snack. They saw this as a reinforcement of gender stereotypes and a harmful portrayal of men.

However, others found the commercial to be funny and harmless. They saw it as a lighthearted take on the common stereotype of pregnant women having strange cravings. Many viewers also appreciated the clever use of technology in the ad, as the baby’s response to the Dorito was a creative way to showcase the product.

The Impact

Despite the controversy surrounding it, “Doritos Ultrasound” had a significant impact on pop culture and advertising. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It went viral: Within days of its release, the commercial was all over social media and news outlets. Its popularity was due in part to the controversy it sparked, but also to the clever concept and execution.
  • It sparked discussion: The commercial prompted conversations about gender roles, pregnancy, and the boundaries of humor in advertising. It also raised questions about the effectiveness of controversial advertising, as some argued that the backlash actually helped the brand.
  • It set a precedent: “Doritos Ultrasound” paved the way for other brands to take risks and push boundaries in their advertising. It showed that controversial content could generate buzz and boost sales, as long as it was done tastefully and strategically.

In Conclusion

Whether you love it or hate it, “Doritos Ultrasound” remains a classic example of how advertising can create controversy and spark conversation. By tapping into a sensitive topic and using technology in a creative way, the commercial was able to capture the attention of millions of viewers and make a lasting impact on pop culture.

When it comes to controversial content, there’s a fine line between being funny and being offensive. But if done correctly, the rewards can be significant.

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