Global Digital Advertising Trends – Amazon & TikTok gaining ground as Google & Meta dominate

Google with 49% and Meta Platforms with 24% to dominate and capture a significant share of digital global advertising spends. This is often due to a combination of factors such as the size and reach of the platform, the effectiveness and targeting capabilities of the platform’s ad technology, and the overall quality and value of the platform’s user experience.

It is also worth noting that the digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving, and new platforms and technologies are constantly emerging.  For example Amazon is climbing up with 7% share and TikTok also has 2% share of the spends. While Google will dominate for the foreseeable future, the share of ad spend captured by various platforms can change significantly over time.

One of the important things that the top platforms ensure is Quality of Advertising. Google has strict policies in place to ensure the quality of the ads that appear on its platform, which can be highly attractive to advertisers who want to ensure that their ads are being seen by users in a positive and relevant context.

TikTok is also gaining due to high user engagement. TikTok has a highly engaged user base, with users spending an average of 50+ minutes per day on the platform. This high level of engagement can make TikTok an attractive platform for advertisers looking to reach users who are actively consuming content.

TikTok’s format and features, such as its short-form video format and various creative tools, allow advertisers to create engaging and interactive content that can capture the attention of users.

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