Branded Content Marketing Case Study – Wakefit Mattress

How Wakefit ,a D2C Brand, was built from scratch primarily using content marketing ?

Arun Iyer talks about the case study of building Wakefit using branded content, positioning it as a sleep solutions company.

During the initial startup days, the marketing team uncovered an insight that though sleep is one of the most critical components of human existence yet it is amongst the most least regarded. The Wakefit team decided to bring sleep back into the consciousness and conversations of people .

And this fitted in well with the product, Wakefit mattress , which is so deeply linked with sleep. Since the startup had to be frugal with its marketing spends, it was decided to use branded content to create awareness & engagement with the brand.

The brand content strategy caught fire when Wakefit sleep internship program became viral. In the first season of sleep internship, the marketing team got 170,000 responses of people who were interested in becoming sleep interns. The sleep intern resume videos came from 33 countries and it got covered in media across the world. The internship program was a big bang for the buck, since the marketing team had spent only on one planted article which had mentioned that there is a company that is actually paying people to sleep.

This lead to a series of branded content initiatives , many of which became viral. One of them was making Kumbhakaran, as the brand ambassador for Wakefit brand. Today, Kumbhakaran has a LinkedIn page for Wakefit where he gives you sleep advice.

This branded content was supported by product content with ideas like the sleep podcast, a show with Cyrus Broacha etc.

The above content marketing campaign was done at about 1/10 of what most startups would spend on IPL advertising in one season.

Link to full conversation between Arun Iyer & Jasravee Kaur Chandra on Youtube talking about his experience of building Wakefit, Byju’s & Tata 1mg

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