Conversations at the edge

“Creative thinking takes place neither inside the box nor outside the box, but at the edge of the box.” Jagged With Jasravee (JWJ) podcast is free-flowing conversation with thought leaders; about marketing, branding, innovation, consumer behaviour, behavioural science and market trends.

Podcast Summary

Podcast Objectives

  1. Cutting Edge Knowledge & Insights – To provide food for thought for our audiences, and possibly trigger new ideas through free-flowing, long-form conversations about cutting edge stuff
  2. Actionable Advice to Drive Positive Change -Make it easy for audience to implement concepts & apply insights through use of case-studies, experiences, anecdotes & real-life examples
  3. Radical Relatibility – Breaking down the barrier between professional side and personal side of the guest, enabling the audience to connect with the personal side of the guest in a meaningful, authentic & possibly entertaining way

Podcast Platforms

What our Guests say

I have done 3 or 4 dozen podcasts just in the last year and this has been one of the best ones. You have done a really good job interviewing, good content and lots of energy

David Aaker, ‘Father of Branding’

‘I had a great time on your show. Really appreciate the insightful questions and the really intelligent conversation.Love your show and continue to keep doing it. Keep it up !’

Chris Hood, Head of Platform Strategy, Google


Jagged with Jasravee is facilitated by Jasravee Kaur Chandra, Director- Brand Building, Research & Innovation at Master Sun, Consulting Brand of Adiva L Pvt. Ltd. Jasravee has over 20 years experience as a Strategic Brand Builder,Communications Leader and Entrepreneur. Email her at jasravee@theadiva.com

According to Robert Kiyosaki “A coin has three sides: heads, tails, and the edge”. At Jagged with Jasravee we encourage our guests to stand on the edge of the coin, a vantage point from which you can see both heads and tails. The edge is where the greater story takes shape.


Ep 106 : Jim Everhart on B2B Marketing – Aligning Business Strategy, Marketing Tactics & Messaging Jagged with Jasravee : Cutting-Edge Marketing Conversations with Thought Leaders

  1. Ep 106 : Jim Everhart on B2B Marketing – Aligning Business Strategy, Marketing Tactics & Messaging
  2. Ep 105 : Melanie Deziel on Transforming Content Marketing via Unlimited Story Ideas & Earning Trust
  3. Ep 104 : Shourav Sen on Marketing Innovation – Putting People & Data at the Center of Growth Strategies
  4. Ep 103 : Doug Kessler on How to Create a Great Content Brand? Principles, Pillars & Process
  5. Ep 102 : Professor Dr. Kai-Markus Mueller on Using Neuroscience to Optimize Pricing Strategies & Win Deals
  6. Ep 101 : Aditya Kanthy on Marketing Campaign Success Stories for Stayfree, McDonald's & Meesho
  7. Ep 100 : Roshan Abbas on How Brands Can Tell Stories, Create Communities, Empower Creators
  8. Ep 99: Nancy Harhut on Using Behavioural Science in Marketing to Drive Customer Action and Loyalty
  9. Ep 98 : Erik Huberman on How to Create & Manage a Successful Marketing Campaign with Awareness, Nurturing, Trust
  10. Ep 97 : Nick Jordan on SEO Strategy – Creating Most Valuable Content at Scale

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