Dr Louis Rosenberg on How Virtual Spokespeople Will Dominate Advertising in Metaverse

How AI-Driven Virtual Spokespeople May Deliver Custom-Crafted Messages to Customers with Maximum Persuasion

Dr Louis Rosenberg believes that there are two primary forms of advertising in metaverse . One of them will likely be Virtual Product Placements (VPPs) and the other being Virtual Spokespeople (VSPs), also called Virtual Conversational Agents.

In the metaverse, Louis Rosenberg believes that AI-driven avatars will engage users in promotional conversation on behalf of paying sponsors. These Virtual Spokespeople will be most persuasive when directly engaging targeted consumers . The verbal exchange could be so authentic, the user might not realize they are speaking to an AI-driven conversational avatar with a pre-planned persuasive agenda.

These AI-driven agents would have access to detailed profile data collected by metaverse platforms about each targeted user, including their preferences, interests, and a historical record of their reactions to prior promotional engagements. These AI agents will also have access to real-time emotional data from facial expressions, vocal inflections, and vital signs of targeted users. This will enable the AI agent to adjust its conversational tactics in real-time for optimal persuasion based on the verbal responses from the target user in combination with an emotional analysis of that user’s face, voice, posture, and even heart rate and blood pressure.

Even the manner in which these AI-driven virtual spokespeople appear to consumers will be custom crafted for maximum persuasion. It is very likely that the gender, hair color, eye color, clothing style, voice and mannerisms of VSPs will be custom generated by AI algorithms that predict which sets of features are most likely to influence the targeted user based on his or her previous interactions and behaviors.

For all of these reasons, the potential for predatory advertising tactics is significant and likely requires serious regulation.

Dr Louis Rosenberg is the CEO & Chief Scientist at Unanimous AI

Please listen to his conversation with Jasravee Kaur Chandra on our Youtube Channel

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