Outdoor Brand Activations that Grab Customer Attention

Thales S. Teixeira has calculated the cost of attention to have jumped seven- to nine-fold in real terms since 1990, making it the most dramatic business expense increase in the last 25 years. The solution?

Teixeira urges marketers to consider how they can capture attention in a cost effective way. Here we feature three outdoor campaigns that capture customer attention in a cost effective way.

Campaign 1 : Pepsi Max Bus Stop Augmented Reality

Pepsi Max wanted to create an interactive digital OOH campaign that would share their brand’s message of, “Live For Now.” Using innovation and creativity, agency Grand Visual brought the “Unbelievable” nature of Pepsi Max to life.

Agency Grand Visual developed an Augmented Reality experience that transformed a bus shelter display into a window that augmented unbelievable scenarios into the real world. Unsuspecting commuters and passersby were surprised with a giant laser-shooting robot, a fiery incoming asteroid, a manhole with tentacles emerging and more! The resulting footage captured on day one of the campaign was turned into a social film for Pepsi to feed out to the online community.

Results : The campaign was a runaway success garnering 3 million views on Youtube in just 5 days! There was a PR frenzy with news coverage as far afield as Brazil and Australia, reaching over 385 million people. ITN , CNN & BBC ran features of the viral video . Sales for Pepsi Max were up 35% year on year (YoY) for the month the campaign was live.

Campaign 2 : McSwirl Steaming Billboard

In this campaign for McDonald’s Germany, Scholz & Friends used smoke machines to make the giant posters steam up: an eye-catching visual of McDonald’s fresh, steaming coffee!

The campaign replaces photography and post-production effects by installing smoke machines to add “steam” to imagery of coffee. The animated, 3D appearance of real smoke wafting through the air replicates McDonald’s fresh, steaming coffee, enticing passersby to take a whiff.

According to the agency, the police and fire department were notified of the campaign ahead of time, so they’d know that the smoke was no cause for alarm.

Campaign 3 : Reebok Speed Cam Installation

Swedish agency Animal came up with an impressive way of drumming up publicity for Reebok’s new running shoes:. It set up an outdoor billboard in central Stockholm, challenging people to a human speed test.

Anyone who ran past the billboard faster than 17 km/h unlocked a brand new pair of ZPump 2.0 shoes. The billboard used a speed camera developed specifically for this campaign, which used realtime object recognition and motion detection to identify runner’s movements and calculate their pace, to great effect.

Based on the video documenting the people who tried it, it looks like 17 kph isn’t actually that fast, or most random Swedes who pass by a whimsical brand activation while they’re out shopping are just pretty speedy.

View our Video Featuring These Innovative Outdoor OOH Campaigns

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